OSGi Runtime Comparison

The following table provides a comparison between several OSGi runtimes. Please comment for additional runtimes, compare items or general hints. For additional implementation details and OSGi spec compliance see this comparison on Wikipedia.

OSGi Frameworks

Framework version3.
OSGi release4.24.?4.2

OSGi Runtimes

NameSpringSource dmserver
Apache KarafPax RunnerDA-Launcher
LicenseGPLv3 (Code)/SpringSource Community Use License V1 (binaries)Apache 2.0Apache 2.0Apache 2.0
used OSGi frameworksEquinoxEquinox, FelixEquinox, Felix, Knopflerfish, ConciergeEquinox, Felix
Deployment optionsdirectory, HTTP, ???OBR, Maven, directory, HTTP, ServiceMix FeaturesOBR, Maven, directory, HTTPManual
ManagementJMX, remote console (Web, Telnet)JMX, remote console (Web, SSH)Remote console (Telnet)n/a
Web supportSpring-DM web extenderPax Web Extender, Spring-DM web extenderPax Web Extender, Spring-DM web extenderDynamicServlet-Bridge (within Web App)
Web ContainerTomcat, JettyJettyJettyn/a
Legacy Support for non-OSGi librariesYes, using BundlorYes, using wrap: URL and BNDYes, using wrap: URL and BNDYes, using Bundler
Logging BackendSLF4JPax LoggingPax Logging?
Logging APIslog4j, JCL, OSGi Log Servicelog4j, JUL, JCL, SLF4J, Avalon, Tomcat, OSGi Log ServiceOSGi Log Service?
ToolingSpringSource ToolSuite (STS)Eclipse plugin
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